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Study visa

Study visas allow entry to Italy for long or short stay periods, with the purpose of study, vocational training or internship.




All students applying for a Study visa (either Schengen or National visa) to study any Course at an Italian University or AFAM Institution, or to register with the Marco Polo Turandot program, must fill in the online pre-enrolment application through the website UNIVERSITALY as indicated in the Italian Ministry of Education (MUR) regulations published in April 2021 on the website Studiare in Italia.

Therefore, in addition to the requirements for the study visa, as specified below for the different study visa types, students must also submit the output (Riepilogo) of the enrolment application generated by the platform and validated by the chosen University/AFAM Institution.

For more information on consular services for students, please visit the “Study” page of our website.

For information on study opportunities in Italy and pre-enrolment procedures, please visit the following websites: Studiare in Italia and Uni-Italia .

a) University enrolment

Foreign citizens who already finalized the pre-enrolment procedure through the UNIVERSITALY website for a three year course laurea degree or laurea magistrale degree course at Italian Universities or AFAM Institutions for the academic year of reference, and that have already obtained the validation by the University/AFAM Institution, can apply for a “Studio-Immatricolazione” type visa within November 29th, 2024 by following this check list.

In addition to the required documentation for the issuance of the Study visa, students must also submit the output (riepilogo) of their pre-enrolment application generated from the Universitaly website, validated by the University/AFAM Institution. Furthermore, if requested by the University/AFAM, they also need to submit the original school/university degree, translated into Italian and legalized and the Declaration of Value, which can be substituted by the Diploma Supplement or ENIC-NARI certificates issued by CIMEA. In the event that the University/AFAM requests the Declaration of Value, students must apply for it to the Student Office of this Embassy before applying for a visa, following the information posted here.

To request a CIMEA certificate instead, students must follow the procedure at this link.


b) Marco Polo – Turandot program (only for Chinese nationals)


Note to all students resuming studies in Italy after a break or after taking courses at other universities abroad

Foreign students already matriculated at an Italian university who have temporarily suspended their studies and foreign students regularly enrolled at an Italian university who, in application of multilateral student mobility agreements between universities, have attended semester or annual courses abroad,  may apply for a Re-entry Visa by submitting a certificate of regular enrollment in the respective academic year (accompanied by regular payment of tuition fees) with a list of university exams taken and their own explanation letter (possibly supported by appropriate documentation) corroborating the reasons for the suspension of studies or proving attendance of courses at other universities as part of the main academic course.


c) Enrolment to single University classes, post-graduate, exchange programmes

Students who intend to enroll to single courses, post graduate courses, exchange programs or other courses, can apply for a study visa following this check list.

Student who are already enrolled in Italy and are currently in China can apply for a study visa by following this check-list.


d) Vocational training and Internship

Visas to participate in professional training programs or internships must be requested by providing the documents as listed in the following check-list.


e) Language courses at private schools

Visas to attend language courses at Italian schools must be requested by providing the documents as listed in the following check-list.


f) Research

The research visa allows to carry out a research activity at universities or research institutes recognized by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MIUR). Applicants must have a higher qualification that enable them to carry out doctoral programs.For research periods no longer than 90 days, please use the following check-list.
For research periods longer than 90 days, please use the following check-list.


g) Post-graduate

Students enrolled to Italian public or private universities authorized to issue legal value decrees in post-graduate courses (PhD, masters [other than Laurea Magistrale], specialization and post-doc) must submit the documents enlisted in the following check-list.